best traditional healer in South Africa

Traditional Healers in Africa – Best Traditional Healer in South Africa

Traditional Healers in Africa

Traditional Healer in South Africa

Traditional Healers – Learn How to Differentiate Them For Your Benefit

A traditional healer is a person recognized in his community and beyond for providing health and social care using herbs, bones, animal trinkets, dreams, prayers, calling spirits and many other methods determined by the society they come from. Traditional healers in Southern Africa are not similar to the rest of Africa or Shamans in South America. The society determines the traditional healing practices of the traditional healer.

Healers differ in the techniques they use and what they do. Some are psychics (clairvoyants), herbalists, diviners, and prophets. Each one of these healer has his own area of expertise and the techniques they use differ considerably and they are often influenced by the society in which they come from.

However the distinction between the types of traditional healers is no longer all that clear as they play overlapping roles. Some psychics dispense herbs and some herbalists use plants to look into a crystal ball like psychics.

Differentiating Healers


Diviners are usually intermediaries between humans and the ancestors. Most diviners are called into the reigns against their will. The diviners are usually chosen in their childhood. Some are called in their adulthood after a series of unexplainable problems. One common thing is that the person called into the ranks has no choice. If they try to refuse death may befall them or madness.
Diviners explain the unexplainable problems and they also help foretelling what is to come using the help of spirits and ancestral help. Diviners help you solve problems that are torturing you.

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Prophets / Faith Healers

In the African and South American societies there are churches that combine modern religion and ancestral practices. In these religions we have leaders that have been called to perform duties of prophets. The prophets are healers of a type and they use water, candles and prayers to solve people problems. In Southern Africa we have for example the ‘Shembe’ church and Zion Christian Church that combine African and Christian values in their religion

Psychics and Clairvoyants

Psychics and clairvoyants have existed since the beginning of life. The bible talks a lot about psychics or clairvoyants.

Clairvoyant and psychic is about having the ability to see beyond the known senses.

We all have the ability to be psychics. But, it is only those that develop it for some reason or the other that actually become psychics with the ability to help others.

Psychic powers are passed on to some people by their ancestors. This is often true within the traditional African society.


A herbalist is a person who has knowledge of how plants (herbal medicine) can be used to cure ailments. This does not include using plants to influence events and actions.

Modern Herbalists

A herbalist may be trained through modern ways, that is going to class, having a structured curriculum, doing exams and then proven to be competent. There are many people who have gone through this process and they are true herbalists.

Traditional Herbalists

There are also herbalists that have been trained the traditional way. These are traditional healers who do not only focus on curing the physical ailments of the patients but deal with the patients problems holistically.

These treat normal ailments including supporting HIV / AIDS patients. Traditional healers also deal with problems that do not respond to western medical treatment that include: spirit possession (that leads to unexplainable diseases), sorcery (leading to madness), and ancestral wrath, neglect of cultural rites or practices.

Traditional Healers often specialize in different things. Some traditional healers deal with normal ailments as we know them. Other traditional healers like me specialize in love and sexual problems. Other traditional healers deal with sorcery and bad luck issues. Other healers deal with attracting jobs and prosperity.

If you are looking for a traditional healer you have to determine first what your problem is. Your problem will give you guidance to what type of traditional healer you should seek out.

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Traditional Healing and Traditional Healers – Do They Real Work?

Traditional Healing

Traditional Healers

Have they got the powers and the knowledge they are reputed to have? These are the questions that often linger in people’s minds.

To get your answers, you do not need to go far in history. Modern medicine in Africa is hardly sixty or so years old. Modern medicine came with the missionaries to Africa. But did they find people in the countries to which they went? That is the question. Was there diseases in these places? Of course there was. How come there existed these terrible diseases but they did not finish off these unprotected, hapless communities? Well, the truth is, these communities have always been and are still being protected by traditional medicine and traditional healers within their communities.

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Most of the diseases that do exist today have existed for a life time. Look at malaria. It is a major killer. But, why did it not decimate communities before the coming of modern treatment. The answer is very simple, there was treatment. In Southern Sudan we have had a very bitter herb that we locally call “ebombo”. This herb is still in use hitherto in the treatment of malaria. And without a doubt, it does a very great job. It does a great job, because thousands and thousands of people are still incapable of reaching modern clinics and modern treatment and use it. These people get cured from malaria.

Traditional healers have also been known to foretell, foresee and forewarn people of impending dangers. My grand father who was a renowned traditional healer once warned a man in our village in the Numba mountains of Southern Sudan, not to use a certain route while going home. True to human nature, the man ignored the warnings. Regrettably, the man was attacked and killed by his enemies. My grand father could see the impending danger. The old man could not and did not believe my grand father.

Traditional healers have that holistic ability to understand the body – mind relationship. They offer treatment, they are psychologists and psychics all in one. When sick, they have the knowledge of the herbs to nurse you back to health. If you have unexplainable problems, they have the capacity to see the paranormal. They also have the capability to foresee impeding dangers and offer solutions.

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